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Safety around the house


There are many dangers around the house, please take a look at the sections below or alternatively have a look at the following website. http://www.esc.org.uk/safety-in-the-home



Take special care when using electrical appliances in the kitchen - the mixture of water, hot surfaces, flexes and electricity can be dangerous.


Socket-outlets, switches and other accessories should not be in positions where they may be splashed with water, either directly from taps or by normal use of the sink.


Large appliances such as fridges, dishwashers and washing machines can be plugged into a standard socket-outlet, but in modern kitchens, these appliances are often installed under worktops, and sockets mounted behind them are difficult to reach. Ideally, these applicants should be controlled by a switched fuse-connection unit mounted above the worktop where it is easily accessible.

RCD Protection

Socket outlets likely to be used to supply portable equipment outdoors such as lawn mowers, hedge trimmers etc should have an RCD fitted.


- use any electrical equipment or switches with wet hands

- wrap flexible leads around equipment that is still warm when storing it away

- clean any appliance like a blender, juicer or kettle whilst it is still plugged in

- trail flexible leads across sinks or cookers

- try to retrieve toast stuck in a toaster whilst the toaster is plugged in, and especially not with a knife

- fill a kettle or steam iron whilst it is plugged in





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